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Temporary / Work Permit Applications

Temporary / Work Permit Applications

A Temporary/Work Permit may be issued for periods of up to six months at the discretion of the Director of Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman and for all occupations. A Temporary Work Permit may not however be extended or renewed unless it was issued for a period of less than six months initially. The Director of Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman may only exercise his/her discretion to accept an application where the prospective worker is not on Island or a local resident (previously approved a TWP or Work Permit or as a dependent and remain on Island after the expiry), when there are exceptional circumstances for him/her to consider.

Work Permit: If you require a worker to be employed for 1 year or more, you will have to apply for a Work Permit Grant for a first time worker or a Work Permit Renewal if the applicant has already been issued a work permit grant. Call us today for more information

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